Recruitment consulting

I’m seasoned recruitment professional dedicated to connecting premier IT talent from Poland and CEE with leading IT organizations worldwide. With over 15 years of experience, I am passionate about excellence and strive to bridge the gap between businesses seeking exceptional talent and skilled professionals seeking new horizons.

My expertise in recruitment, consulting, and team-building has facilitated countless successful matches between gifted software developers and innovative leaders. I pride Myself on our ability to craft and implement bespoke recruitment strategies and lead teams to unparalleled success.

My guiding philosophy is one of flexibility, adapting to change and constantly seeking new knowledge. My approach each client with an open mind and fluidity, committed to delivering custom solutions that address their unique needs. My focus is on empowering our clients to achieve their recruitment goals and supporting candidates in realizing their career aspirations.

Areas of specialization

Building & scaling up talented software development teams

I specialize in sourcing and recruiting top-tier talent in areas such as Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Deep Learning, Backend Development (Java/.Net/PHP/Python/Node), Frontend Development (Angular||React), Fullstack Development, DevOps Engineering, Testing, Business Analysis, Project Management, IT Architecture, and Big Data Development. I am driven by a vision to drive digital transformation and shape the future, committed to crafting technological marvels that make a lasting impact, one line of code at a time. My expertise in these areas allows me to connect businesses with the right professionals to achieve their goals and drive innovation.

Tomasz is one of the best IT Recruiters I have pleasure to work with. He was always trying to find the right approach to fulfill our recruitment needs.

Piotr | Head of Global Delivery Center 

I recognize Tomasz as a very good recruiter. He has a solid TA knowledge and knows how to handle difficult positions.

Timo | Talent Acquisition Lead Scandinavia & Central Europe

IT recruiting is a pretty tough job these days. Tomasz is an open minded person with a technical background what makes him an excellent IT recruiter.

Przemyslaw | Siebel Consultant 

Miałam okazję współpracować z Tomkiem kilka lat – wspierał mnie w poszukiwaniu specjalistów niezbędnych do rozwoju biznesu, za który odpowiadam – widzę wysokie zrozumienie potrzeb klienta wewnętrznego, dobre wyczucie rynku, wysoką skuteczność i super komunikację. Polecam współpracę z Tomkiem

Aleksandra | Director, Financial Services

I worked with Tomek for many years at CGI, Tomek is a great IT recruiter, very innovative and with a great sense of humour. He has got his ways to quickly create a pool of candidates and finally deliver a great talent.

Jacek | Director 

Tomasz is an insightful Business Partner. He focuses on the core of the challenge and understands all the elements that come along. Working with Tomasz is a pleasure but also a deep and a well-thought intellectual voyage that ends up with outcomes.

Rafal | MarCom BP & CSR Lead

Tomasz is a great recruiter with very good personal skills. He is open to people and their needs which makes him stand out in the huge pool of recruitment market

Karol | Full Stack Java Developer 

We met many people every day, but only some leave the marks, and one of them is Tomasz. He has been my mentor from the day one at CGI and never hesitated to talk or help on hard times.

Rūta | Recruitment Lead 

Tomasz is always very helpful and everything is done on time. As a person, he is friendly and supportive, cooperation with him is always pleasant and smooth.

Clivia | HR Recruitment Specialist